Ottawa Developmental Fencing Circuit

★★ Important ODFC Update ★★

In light of the current situation, we have decided to postpone the ODFC Finals.

We hope to host the event at a later time but given the circumstances we are unsure if/when that will be possible. As more information becomes available, we will update you immediately. Thank you for your understanding.


Welcome to the Ottawa Developmental Fencing Circuit!

The Ottawa Developmental Fencing Circuit (ODFC) is a great opportunity for beginner and intermediate fencers wishing to participate in local tournaments.

Each ODFC competition includes U11, U13, U15, Women's (all ages) and Mixed (all ages) Foil events, U15 and Mixed (all ages) Epee events and a Mixed (all ages) Sabre event, allowing fencers of all ages to participate in the circuit.

In an effort to keep the circuit accessible to beginner fencers, all of the Foil and Sabre events are dry (therefore no electrical equipment is required to participate). Electric equipment will be provided to those who need it for the Epee event (fencers wishing to use their own equipment are encouraged to do so).

Registration for each competition is $30.00 per fencer. Fencers fencing in additional events on the same day will be charged an additional $10.00 per event.

For more information about the ODFC, please contact Matt at 613-697-0373.